Who we recommend

These trainers are Parent Practice Certified Trainers and Licensees of The Parent Practice. They have undergone training with The Parent Practice and are licensed to use materials and methodology created by The Parent Practice.

Also listed below are organisations and support resources known to and recommended by our experts at The Parent Practice.

Auckland, New Zealand

Justine Lamont trained as a facilitator with The Parent Practice in London and ran courses and workshops with The Parent Practice in London before her move to Zew Zealand. Now based in Auckland she bringings her skills and experience to NZ and is offering a range of courses. www.gtgparenting.co.nz


Beckenham and Bromley

Sam O'Neill trained with The Parent Practice in 2018 and now runs 'Assured Parenting' offering parenting courses in the Beckenham and Bromley area. https://www.assuredparenting.co.uk/

Cairo, Egypt

Mai Elwy trained with The Parent Practice in 2015 and is now offering a range of Positive Parenting Courses in Cairo. www.raisinghappy.org

East Dulwich/Peckham

Daisy Seale-Barnes runs courses incorporating The Parent Practice's positive parenting skills and mindfulness techniques in the Peckham, East Dulwich and Nunhead areas of London.


Guildford, Surrey

Jill Lawrence is a certified and experienced parent trainer. She trained with The Parent Practice in London in 2015 and Gordon Training International in California.

Jill is now offering a range of Positive Parenting Skills courses based on The Parent Practice's materials and methodology in the Guildford region. www.parentingandyou.co.uk

Hong Kong

Anoush Davies trained as a facilitator with The Parent Practice in 2020. She runs parent training and coaching company 'UpBright' and offers positive  parenting services.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Noor Afidah trained with The Parent Practice in 2014 and is now running 5 and 10 week courses in Kuala Lumpur. www.myparentconnect.com

Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

Kelly Hume runs 5 and 10 week Positive Parenting Skills courses, in both the daytime and evening, based on The Parent Practice content in the East Anglia region.


North Cotswolds

Heather Rutherford has trained extensively with The Parent Practice and now offers both our 10 week courses and workshops in The Cotswold region of the UK including Cheltenham, Stratford-upon-Avon, Banbury and Chipping Norton. 


North London

Rachel Vecht trained with The Parent Practice and offers both 5 and 10 week Positive Parenting Courses in St John's Wood, Maida Vale and North London. The courses are based on The Parent Practice materials and methodology. www.educatingmatters.co.uk

North London

Suzanne and Susie together are The Family Space, a family coaching practise based in north London. Through private consultations, courses and workshops they promote The Parent Practice methodologies and solution focussed family strategies. 

The Family Space


Miki Maruko trained with The Parent Practice in London and is now offering her courses using The Parent Practice materials in in Switzerland. www.parenttoolkit.ch

West Sussex

Camilla Miller is based in south West Sussex (Portsmouth to Hove) and offers workshops, courses and one to one consultations based on The Parent Practice methodologies. www.keepingyourcoolparenting.com

Camilla and her course were recommended by a colleague at work….  I have learnt that my daughter's behaviour was a reaction to how she was being treated, and all the emotions behind it.  With Camilla 's experience and guidance I learnt how to be connected with my daughter and encourage her in a positive way. Within two weeks I noticed the changes and how good she was responding to all techniques learnt.  I am so delighted to see my daughter shining and willing to help without being asked to.  Our course lasted five weeks, which went so quick and  I could not be more grateful to Camilla and her help.  Carol  from Worthing - mum of a nearly 5 y/o and 1 y/o girls.

2to3days - Advancing women's equality in the workplace

2to3days is a purpose-led company, whose mission is to advance women’s equality in the workplace through the power of flexible working. We are growing and nurturing the UK’s largest online community of highly capable women who wish to pursue their business and professional careers on flexible terms. Via our platform, companies are able to advertise their flexible roles and promote their employer brand engagement directly to the women they wish to attract and hire.


Family Magazine and Website

Families Online Local parenting magazine across areas of the UK www.familiesonline.co.uk

Family Travel

Travel Matters Offering tailormade worldwide family holidays www.travelmatters.co.uk

First Aid

Offering First Aid Training Courses in SW London or your own home


Oppidan Education

Frustrated by shortcomings in the tuition sector, Henry Faber and Walter Kerr founded Oppidan to tackle the pressurised, anxiety-driven education market in London. The result has been two-fold: the expansion of the concept of mentoring as the new, improved form of one-on-one support for children, and the creation of the US model of summer camps in the UK.

Oppidan works with children, parents and schools, changing expectations for children as to the value of their education.


Outspoken Sex ed

Outspoken Sex Ed is a social enterprise that focuses on getting parents talking openly about sex, bodies, consent, pleasure & relationships so they can guide their children towards self-respect and positive relationships.

The premise: parents are the missing link in their children's sex education – and their engagement helps with safeguarding, improves mental health and strengthens the parent-child connection.

Our free homeschooling lessons for ages 4 to 11+ and ages 11 to 16+ bring sex & relationships to the table via drawing activities, cartoons, video clips and even a living-room treasure hunt.

They're a great way to normalise sex ed topics such as body image, body safety, consent, sexting and porn – and to get parents and children talking openly together.


Safety for Children

Bullies 2 buddies Resources and tools for bullying in school, at home and at work www.bullies2buddies.com Child Safe Zones Help keep children safe and found http://childsafezones.com/ Enough abuse A charity looking to reduce the incidence of child abuse http://www.enoughabuseuk.com/ The parent company A professional training company providing Paediatric First Aid and Child First Aid courses for parents and carers at home, at work and at public venues www.theparentcompany.co.uk

School Selection advice - Mavor Associates

Mavor Associates helps parents and their children throughout their school careers. Working exclusively within the British independent educational system they advise families on how to achieve the best possible education for their child. They provide guidance for children of all ages and on every area of school selection where a child may have a particular need.


Schooling and Education

Space to Learn Online Helping children and adults with learning and developmental difficulties www.spacetolearnonline.co.uk

Separation and Divorce

Hunters Solicitors. A leading Lincoln's Inn firm combining traditional values with a modern touch. The firm offers a highly experience team of family lawyers covering all aspects of family law. www.hunters-solicitors.co.uk 


Family Law in Partnership is a team of specialist family lawyers, mediators, arbitrators and family consultants. Tjeir aim is to minimise damage and help people move forward with their live. They offer fixed fees for many aspects of family law support. www.flip.co.uk

Farrer & Co. We have worked for many years with Sarah Hutchinson and her team at Farrers helping parents through their separation and with the impact to their children. Farrers offers a team of diverse and engaging characters who share a sense of empathy and integrity. They maintain a constructive approach in sensitive and difficult situations, and are known to be straightforward, pragmatic and sensible and will always act in your best interests. https://www.farrer.co.uk/legal-services/family--divorce/

CF Psychology -Educational Psychologists

The Parent Practice has worked with Batul (Founder of CF Psychology) over many years.

CF Psychology are Educational Psychologies. There service includes an appraisal/ review of a previous report, one hour spent with the child to assess key areas, a meeting with the parents for 45 minutes to feedback and a one page review document, which summarises our opinion and key support strategies. An EP Review can be helpful if you would like an opinion on a previous report, an academic progress update or to confirm a diagnosis.


Child Psychotherapist

Griselda Kellie-Smith, Fulham 020 7736 2240

Connections in Mind

Connections in Mind are a highly motivated team of experts committed to supporting executive function development in both children, adolescents, education providers and adults. Executive functions are a set of skills that reside in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. These skills help us to plan and organise our responses, behaviour and emotions. These skills have a profound impact on children’s educational success, act as a strong indicator on educational outcomes during adolescence and promote health and success in adulthood.

The core Executive Functioning (EF) skills include planning, prioritising, working memory, sustained attention, flexibility, emotional control and time management. These skills are critical not only for success in school, but for typical tasks in everyday life.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Nihara Krause is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience in treating problems of mental health and wellbeing. Having worked as an NHS consultant, she now runs her own private practice. She is based in Fulham London







Dealing with Learning Difficulties

Thisis a US website but has lots of useful information, research, blogs for the non-US parents


Enough Abuse UK

Breaking the Cycle, Changing Lives


A wealth of information to educate and support parents where their children may have experienced child abuse.



Kiki's Children's Clinic

Paediatric Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy for babies and children www.kikisclinic.com

Life Coaching

Mama Motivator www.myprojectme.com

Kelly Pietrangeli is the creator of Project Me for Busy Mothers, helping women find a happier balance between the kids - and everything else.

Mixing practicality with self-awareness, Kelly helps mothers get on top of their endless to-do’s and see life beyond the laundry pile. Grab her free Life Wheel Tool for discovering what needs your focus first. Click here

Liz Sorton

Coaching for teenagers Liz Sorton Teenage Coach

Maximum Potential

Paediatric Occupational, Physical and Speech and Language Therapy www.maximumpotential.org.uk


Sleep Clinic for children www.millpondsleepclinic.com

Founded in 2000 by Mandy Gurney, Millpond is the longest established private sleep clinic in the UK and the only one to offer sleep training for children from babies through to pre-teens. For nearly a decade Mandy and her team have been sleep trainers and consultants for both Local Authorities and the NHS across the UK.

 Millpond has an excellent reputation and is frequently called upon for expert opinion by the national media and press. Parents themselves, as well as fully qualified healthcare professionals, they understand the negative impact lack of sleep can have. The techniques they use are all evidence based behaviour modification programmes and their gentle persuasive methods enable parents to establish and sustain good sleep patterns that will stay with their child for life. The Millpond team draw on their entire medical and sleep knowledge to help parents build a programme for their child and support them throughout the process of change.


Occupational Therapy for babies and children ot4kids.co.uk




Place2Be is the leading UK provider of school-based emotional and mental health services, working in over 230 primary and secondary schools across the UK, building children's resilience through talking, creative work and play.

Place2Be's work reaches 90,000 children, helping them to cope with wide-ranging and often complex social issues including bullying, bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown, neglect and trauma. Working with specially trained practitioners and volunteer counsellors, Place2Be offers a range of services for primary and secondary schools, providing support for children, parents, teachers and school staff.

Potty Training

 Camilla brings her years of experience as a parent coach and a mother of 4. She runs private sessions and workshops in London for all parenting issues with a particular niche helping parents with successful potty training. www.myparentingsolutions.com


Counsellor and Psychotherapist Holli Rubin www.hollirubin.com

Relationship Therapy London


SEN Schools Guide

Sen School Guide 

Free online guide for parents of children with special needs, including a comprehensive search of all mainstream and special schools and their SEN credentials, general information about SEN, directory of local services and discussion forum. Created by SEN parents for SEN parents. 


Speech and language therapy


Stay Safe Online

A useful resourse for keeping your children safe online.


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