Parenting workshops in nurseries

Nursery schools play a vital role in a child’s development.  It is such a magical stage for parents of toddlers and young children as you watch children learning, interacting and using new skills in nursery and at home. Developing a strong nurturing foundation at this key stage is important.

The transition from home into nursery often proves to be  challenging for parents, children and nursery school staff and young children without strong verbal skills and undeveloped rational thought need help with managing emotions and expressing themselves. Parents and staff want to encourage confidence and resilience from this early age. This is why we developed parenting workshops at nursery school. Our workshops are endorsed by nurseries and parents.

Our workshops for parents of children at nursery are held within the environment of the nursery school community.  We cover separation anxiety, tantrums, biting and scratching, new siblings, toilet training, interrupting, nagging, and whining, impulsiveness, jealousy, emotional volatility and other behaviours that nurseries (and parents) encounter on a daily basis. 

With the skills and strategies learned during the parent classes, parents help children grow in self esteem, develop good social skills and an interest in learning can blossom.  Parents learn how to support children in the new learning, creative and social environment of nursery school.

Workshops are 90 minutes with a group size between 20 and 100.  See below for our list of workshops.  This is not a complete list as we are developing new topics all the time.  We can offer nursery staff two half day training seminars.  Please get in touch if you have a specific workshop in mind.

Who attends

Any mum or dad or carer, with children in nursery including children with special needs

Nursery school staff



The Nursery Years

Bringing out the best in young children (N1)

Getting children to follow instructions (N2)

Moving away from the naughty step - positive discipline for the under 5s (N3)

Dealing with toddler tantrums (N4)

Helping children prepare for the transition to 'big' school (N5)

Bringing out the best in little boys (N6)


Workshops for nursery school teachers

We offer workshops in nurseries for nursery staff.  Nursery teachers are caring and creative professionals, and we appreciate how much is required of them in stimulating a class of toddlers, caring for them emotionally whilst managing behaviour as the children try to grasp learning skills and interact with their peers and teachers.  We know that nursery teachers sometimes feel under-equipped to manage toddlers’ behaviour positively so we teach tried and tested techniques that bring out the best in toddlers while ensuring discipline is positive and effective, making for a happy nursery environment.

Who attends

teaching staff and assistants interested in developing further skills for the classroom


What nurseries and parents say

"Thank you very much for presenting such a wonderful evening at Rolfe’s Nursery School. Your presentation was fun, informative and has proved a big hit with our parents. I do hope that you will be able to come back and present another event very soon."

Victoria Irwin, Headmistress, Rolfe’s Nursery School

"To say it was illuminating is an understatement."

Jane, Mum of 3


Please see our testimonials page and our brochure for some of our client testimonials.

For results for nurseries and teachers, see our brochure, or for any questions please call or email the office.



Some nurseries we've worked with

  • Apples and Honey
  • Butterfly Pre-school
  • Garden Room
  • Gwendolen House
  • Kingston Vale Montessori School
  • Magdalen Nursery
  • Maria Montessori Children's House
  • Marmalade Cat
  • Miss Daisy's
  • Mouse House
  • Little Owl
  • Little Tugboat
  • Oak Tree
  • Red Balloon
  • Rolfe Nursery School
  • St Mark's Montessori
  • Sparkles Nursery School
  • Stepping Stones Playgroup
  • Streatham & Clapham School
  • Teddies Nursery
  • The Willow
  • 3-4-5
  • Wimbledon Park Montessori School
  • Woodentops


What Nurseries say

Thank you very much for presenting such a wonderful evening at Rolfe’s Nursery School. Your presentation was fun, informative and has proved a big hit with our parents. I do hope that you will be able to come back and present another event very soon."

Headteacher, Rolfe Nursery School


A very belated thank you for giving the talk for 345 and 2 to 3 Nursery School parents. I think that there were some parents who had never heard about the Parent Practice and will be grateful to know that it exists in case of future need! Others found it generally comforting to know that they were not alone in having certain issues with their children. The overall response I got was extremely positive.

345 Nursery


I would just like to thank you for the most informative talk today to parents of Tots at Streatham and Clapham High Junior School .The feedback I got was so very positive and I am sure in the Autumn term we can do some workshop with the existing parents in the evening.

Sunita Rai, Tots at Streatham and Clapham High school


Bringing out the Best in Young Children (N1)

Moving Away from the Naughty Step - Positive Discipline for the Under 5s (N3)

Getting Children to Follow Instructions (N2)

Dealing with Toddler Tantrums (N4)

Helping Children prepare for the Transition to 'Big' School (N5)

Bringing out the Best in Little Boys N6)


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