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The Parent Practice won't dictate how you should bring up your children but will help you to understand your child’s temperament, define your own family values and give you tools to bring up your children according to your values. The skills and strategies taught on our courses can be applied to suit any family giving mums, dads and carers a united front from which to work, making life as a parent or carer both easier and more fulfilling. Our programme content is designed to be as flexible as possible to suit the needs of the parents on a particular course.

Our courses are accredited by CANParent       


  • NEW! 6 week 'Harmony at Home' course. Our signature 6-week online course is delivered 3 times a year, Spring, Summer and Autumn and is live at this time to support and assist clients, giving them access to live coaching with Elaine Halligan during the course. The course include topics such as how to respond constructively to unwanted behaviours, teaching your children to take responsibility and how to stay calm when it’s difficult to keep your cool. You will also learn about the power of descriptive praise, emotion coaching, rules and rewards and positive discipline and help you to emerge as a more empowered parent with positive parenting strategies under your belt to impact behaviour and make for a happy harmonious home.

    Access the course as soon as you enrol and work through the 6 modules . Then when the course goes live each week for 6 weeks includes a one-hour live coaching session with Q&A to review your learning and answer specific questions. 
  • 30 Day to Positive Parenting. For an investment of just £1 a day and 3 minutes of your time, you’ll receive a daily video with a life changing parenting tip or exercise for you to implement.  Achievable and effective, this course is for busy parents who want to change their parenting style with bitesize exercises that are simple yet impactful. 

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      I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the parenting skills you taught me at the end of last year. The classes were excellent and I learnt so much. I no longer shout/threaten/moan as much as I did and family life is so much happier and calmer than it was. Friends have even commented on how calm I am with my children and I attribute this all to my classes with you and The Parent Practice. So thank you!

      Cathy, mother of theee


      "My husband and I highly recommend the 10 week parenting course. The information and skills learnt were both practical and useful and the changes we made to our own behaviour remain with us to this day. Money and time well spent - 20 hours is a small price to pay for a lifetime of positive parenting, bringing out the best in your children."

      Christine and Steve, parents of two children


      "I learned how to an effective parent! It truly transformed our family life in a way I could have never imagined. My 9 year old has just read this over my shoulder and said, "You don't shout at us anymore like you used to, but I suppose we're not being naughty like we used to be either! Exactly. Thank you The Parent Practice!"

      Kelly, Mother of two


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