Important Announcement - A New Direction for The Parent Practice

Hello everybody,

2020 has been a year of profound change for us all - each and every one of us has been affected in some way. We all still live with a lot of uncertainty. Covid has forced many of us to look at mortality and priorities, especially if we are caring for elderly or vulnerable family members. Not being able to be with family members has reinforced how much family matters to many of us. Lockdown and restrictions have provided an opportunity for self-reflection and forced changes to the business at The Parent Practice that compelled us to think about how (and why) we do things.

So at The Parent Practice we have been doing some reassessing of priorities and realised that we need to re-structure our business to allow us to focus on the things that really matter to us. There have also been some changes in the team, which have caused us to look afresh at ways of delivering the skills that really make a difference to your families.

20 years ago Melissa (and her then business partner Camilla McGill) started up the company that became The Parent Practice because she wanted to pass on the kind of transformation she had experienced in her own family. She wanted to ease the difficulties that families can experience and allow parents to feel joy and confidence in their parenting. She wanted children to have the best possible start in life and to feel connected and confident. She was joined in the management team by Elaine in 2009 and ever since the dynamic duo have found more and more ways to bring you the skills that create joy and ease in families.
Together with an expanding team of facilitators we have delivered courses and workshops and individual consultations. These have been in our own venues and at schools and in the workplace. We have gone online and developed our Positive Parenting Academy and webinars. We have trained hundreds of professionals to lead parenting courses in their own communities. We have written blogs and articles and books and developed a podcast series. We have appeared in the broadcast media and Elaine has given a TED talk. Covid saw us transition to online courses and workshops and the team willingly adapted.

And now it is time to change again.

Melissa will take a new direction in 2021 to focus on her work and study in Australia and Elaine will continue solo with The Parent Practice, albeit in a new form. The business is contracting but will continue to offer the same excellent service through a combination of online and 1:1 coaching work. Workshops and courses will continue to be offered online, but our live in-person courses are retiring.

Workshops and courses scheduled for this year will not be affected.

Two of our facilitators, after many years working with The Parent Practice, will be setting up their own parenting business and we will let you know more about their plans in the New Year.

There will be more details towards the end of the year but for now we wanted to let you know that change is afoot and we are excited about our new directions. We will be undergoing a rebranding exercise which will bring a fresh new look, new feel and new offering next year.

Watch this space!

Melissa & Elaine

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